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A new kind of terrifying Halloween!

At home, there's no way a virus spoils Halloween! We adapt and we reinvent ourselves. Perhaps new traditions will emerge this year? Here is my game plan:


While there is still light, organize a parade, on foot or by bicycle, in the streets of the neighborhood to show off the costumed family. Talk to your neighbors, maybe they will want to join in the masquerade, or play the role of balcony spectators! Obviously, while ensuring social distancing and being masked . ;)


Pssst! If you are planning a bike parade, also think of a costume that is worn with a helmet or even a disguise that includes the bicycle! here are some ideas!


After dark, in the house or in the backyard, have a spooky candy hunt with a flashlight and Halloween music. Here, the soundtrack of the film Bettlejuice is always a winner! Click here to listen to it:

Stories of fear are always popular on Halloween. Build a blanket hut with your little ones, to protect yourself from vampires and ghosts who want to scare you. Out of story inspiration? Am this link.

histoire de peur

Obviously, Halloween goes hand in hand with decorations! Taking time to do crafts with the children is the guarantee of good memories. Besides the eternal pumpkin, here is some ideas to decorate the house.

Here is a Peakbwa drawing to print and color! Tag us on Instagram, the winning design will receive $ 25 as a Peakbwa gift certificate!

Download our Ghost Raccoon here! (PDF 197 KB)

dessin raton fantôme

After having decorated the house so well, take the opportunity to have a masked ball, just in time for the aperitif! Concocts disgusting drinks which adapt well to young and old! Guaranteed fun!

More recipes here!

drink dégoutant

Here is 2 game ideas who are always successful here!

"Pick in the bag"

Fill a big bag (garbage bag, potato pocket, witch's cauldron, etc.) with unusual clothing and accessories: glasses, cat ears, boas, Hawaiian skirts, ties, witch hats, gloves ... In short, everything what you can find colorful, crazy or terrifying. We stand in a circle and spin the bag to the sound of the music. When the music stops, whoever has the bag in hand picks up an item and has to wear it as they see fit. The end result may be ... surprising!

pige dans le sac

" The Mummy "

In teams of two, choose a Mummy and a Mummifier. The Mummifier, armed with a roll of toilet paper, will have a predetermined time (two minutes or the time of a song) to mummify his partner. In the end, the most beautiful mummy wins! Laughter guaranteed!

jeu momie

Pull out the camera, I guarantee these family game ideas will bring you an abundance of funny pictures and fond memories. And why not take the opportunity to create a small photobooth in a corner of the house?

Here! Hoping that it inspires you good times with your family. If you have any other fun ideas, share them with us under the Facebook post (link)!

Basically, all your kids want is to spend quality time with you. It only takes a little (black!) Magic to create lasting memories. Wishing you a most terrifying Halloween!

My annual dilemma: the hotdog costume or Uncle Marcel's costume

(President of the Optimist Club)! And you?