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We draw the patterns ourselves and then print them on fabric. Our patterns draw their inspiration from the natural spectacle of North American landscapes, their colors, their fauna, their flora. It's our way of illustrating our country, of telling its story.

Do you dream of having a design made to measure for you? We offer graphic service for your projects. Contact us!

Ah! The boreal forest… We'll find so many lakes, rivers and steams, so many trees species and lots of mammal diversity. One of them is the red fox, a clever canine! Did you know these fine red boys and girls often re-use an emptied groundhog burrow? Everyone in nature re-use everything, just like us!

Littoral pattern, sea shore, whale, kayak

We love this poetic-sounding name, which brings together land, water and the hinterland.

It is the marine mammals of the St. Lawrence that are highlighted in this motif. Following a trip to the North Shore in the summer of 2019, I was struck by the immensity and majesty of the St. Lawrence River, but also of its sea creatures.

Brigade pattern, insects, outdoors, kids clothes

Some dazzle us with their eccentric shapes and vibrant colors. Some scare us (a little), with their sting, their protruding eyes or their sticky skin… But whether we like them or not, insects play an essential role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems and life on earth. In addition to being an important part of the food chain, pollinating insects fertilize flowers by foraging and carrying pollen from flower to flower. Their work is essential to the growth of fruits and vegetables!

Frima pattern, pingouin, climate change, winter

The Great Auk is one of the extinct species. He once lived in the coastal waters of the North Atlantic off Canada? We have chosen to honor this species to highlight our changing climate, but also to showcase all these winter pleasures!

Bivouac pattern, camping, outdoors, kids clothes

This pattern is inspired by our summer camping holidays where we live to the rhythm of daylight and night. These moments around a fire with marshmallows remind us that we occupy the space of small wild animals.

Nomad pattern, van life, trip, kids clothes

This pattern inspires adventure and freedom! The West, which has been one of our patterns since 2016. Here is a revamped version under the new name of NOMADE. Our raccoon friend discovering America. He meanders the roads at the wheel of his van, he makes us dream of our next family roadtrip!

Victorin pattern, wildlife, outdoor, kids clothes

The Victorin pattern was named in honor of Brother Marie-Victorin, botanist and author. It is to him that we owe the creation of the Montreal Botanical Garden. He also wrote Flore laurentienne, which describes 1568 plants in the St. Lawrence Valley in 1935. Impressive, isn't it?

Chic-chuk patter, mountain, east, kids clothes

Do you know why I love the mountains so much? To climb a mountain is to reach the inaccessible, always looking ahead to reach the highest peaks. CHIC-CHÜK is a tribute to the magnificent mountains of Gaspésie, since I like to talk about our history through the patterns I draw and CHÜK for the Inukchük that we often find in the mountains to get our bearings! It's cute huh!

Big dipper pattern, night sky, bear

Nuphard pattern, waterlily, flower

Otter pattern, otter, water, lake, paddle board

Forest pattern, evergreen, trees, outdoors

Cocotte pattern, cones, evergreen, kids clothes

Azimut pattern, outdoor, trail

Kenogami pattern, canoe, lake, padle

Abey pattern, leafs, trees, outdoor

West pattern, rockies, road trip, vanlife

Boreal pattern, bear, outdoor, kids

Babiche pattern, winter, outdoor, snow shoes

Vice versa pattern, mountains, outdoors

Alpine pattern, mountains, autumn, outdoors, hike

Triforest pattern, bear, tent

Hare pattern, rabbit, field, paws

Feathers pattern, pink

Oribunny, origami, bunny, play, kids