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About Peakbwa

In our footsteps

Dans le but de soutenir l'économie locale, PEAKBWA conçoit et fabrique ses articles au Québec.
Les vêtements de nos collections se portent de deux à trois fois plus longtemps que les vêtements traditionnels!
Our exclusive patterns are unisex and they describe the nature of our beautiful country.


We support sustainable development by creating our clothes thoughtfully to be eco responsible, and by using organic or recycled fabrics. This way, our clothes can be worn much longer than normal clothings, and help reduce clothing over consumption for little ones.


The design of our patterns takes its inspiration from our regions' fauna and flora, and is minimalistic in spirit.

Going against the fast-fashion tide, our grow with me clothes help our environment and our overfilled lives.


Based in the Laurentians, Peakbwa helps the local economy by proudly supporting and working with over 20 local partners, sub-contractors, and providers.

A better solution leaving a positive print on the environment, families and society.


PEAKBWA [pikbwa] vient d'un jeu de mots avec le pic-bois, ce majestueux oiseau. Il combine « pic » (ou peak, qui veut dire sommet en anglais) et « bois » [bwa].

Clever name? Yes!

But more important, Peakbwa combines nature, quality and long lasting clothes.


PEAKBWA is born in the logical step of the entrepreneur Jacinthe Plamondon, at her passions' crossroads. Mother of four kids, an outdoor addict, graphic designer, worked in the theater arts in a previous life, she defines herself as a green going against the tide! She dislikes everything made to be consumed rapidly and tossed by the back of the hand right after.

It's with this mindset she rethought how we consume and use mass market clothings. Then, one step at the time, new ideas came along and collections multiplied.

Her definition of happiness? Play outside, simply, with her little racoons.


The Land

The patterns are hand drawn then printed on fabric. Their inspiration comes from the natural wonders of North America's landscapes, their colors, their wildlife and habitats.

See our patterns

« To protect, you need to know» Boucar Diouf

By drawing patterns, I like to illustrate your beauty. I like to think that by showing them to little ones, it'll inspire them to protect you. I love your mountains, the smell of your evergreens, wild camping, picking berries you offer us, and even watching the big marmot living under my shed.