Grow with me Pants & Trousers

Our grow with me pants made of bamboo go perfectly with everything! An essential trouser basic for babies and children, girls and boys from birth to 5 years old. Discover our 15 styles designed with nature in mind.

These pants will keep your baby or kid comfortable whether they're sitting, walking or playing, plus they'll last a long time!

Our size 0 months to 2 years will fit your baby with enough seam room for its cloth diaper, but also infants and toddler age.

Our size 2 to 5 years will make sure it'll fit kiddo a few more years by unrolling its seam.

Eco (friendly)
: the fabric is made of bamboo and stretch bio cotton and the pattern waist band is poly-recycled.

Eco(nomical): Lasting 2-3 sizes longer means a happy mom, happy wallet (savings 40%), less landfill, and better for the environment. 

They also fit perfectly with our t-shirts, tops and hoodies.

What's not to like!