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Advent calendar, with a twist!

maman des bwa

A different kind of Advent, calendar!

At home, my boyfriend often tell me I'm in charge of the Magic Department! My past job as day camp counselor probably have something to do about it. Lets be honest, kids remember simpler moments, kind and fun, spent as family than things they received, thrown away or lost not long after they got them! 


November is almost over and we finally just finished the half ton of Halloween candies... You see December arrive with its famous Advent  calendar packed with chocolate? Sugar, sugar, more sugar! Why not turn this habit in a more fun and useful event?

 cocotte 2

Here what I propose : for many years, I re-use my good old Santa calendar bought at Ikea 8 years ago. At first I was inserting chocolats, but since 2 years I found it a better use.  I slide in a daily mission or task to do each morning. The kids are now motivated to do the mission given by Santa.

To simplify your life, I'm sharing my own list for your own calendar inspiration. You can take what you want from the list. You can organise them the way you prefer and tweak ideas if you want, even better, add yours to fit your own tradition and preparation toward Xmas. If you don't have an old Ikea calendar like me, you can use a simple box decorated by your kids or even use a few enveloppes taped to a wall will do perfect! 


calendrier avent

Here are a few ideas

@ Do your traditional recipe together (cookies/donuts/pies/meat pies).
@ Decorate the Xmas three.
@ Write to Santa.
@ Pick a game, toy or teddy bear to give away to a non profit.
@ Watch the Nutcracker on tv.
@ Compliment someone.
@ Create Xmas cards with our recycling (magazine, newspaper, etc.).
@ Give away clothes we no longer wear to a non profit.
@ Color a post card for gran'ma and gran'pa.
@ Create decoration with recycled objects or dry pasta.
@ Offer to help someone.
@ Camp at the feet of the Xmas three as a family.
@ Watch a Xmas movie.
@ Make crepes.
@ Have a picnic in the living room for breakfast and listen to Xmas music.
@ Go for a walk at night to look at the neighborhood Xmas lights.
@ Make a chocolat milk.
@ Visit an outdoor Xmas market.
@ Look at a previous year Xmas photo album.
@ Decorate the house.
@ Make some DIY paper snow flakes.
@ Call a friend or a family member who's far to sing them a Xmas song.
@ Pick a Xmas special cereal box at the grocery store (like Rice @ Krispies with red and green ).
@ Get out early in the morning to catch snow flakes.
@ Dress easy with a great hoodie.
@ Wrap a small surprise for each kid and hide it in the house. 
@ Pick a  «surprise day»! (like a cookies to decorate or a gingerbread house to make).
@ Put up the Christmas stocking.
@ Read a Xmas story in pajama.
@ Have a candle light diner with holidays music.
@ Do a treasure hunt for candy canes cannes in the house then put them on the Xmas three.
@ Prepare a card or small gift for the sitter, teacher or day care. 
@ It can even be vacuuming with a Xmas hat. ;)



In short, create missions and order them the way you want. What I like about it, is we integrate things we'll do anyway, but including kids in the list of things to do before Xmas. It can relieve some stress! Have fun with it and don't be afraid to share your idea, or calendar photo, with us on Facebook or Instagram. Oh a little warning, sometime getting help from the kids is, you know, a little more work. But it's 2020 after all!  

Have fun getting ready! :)




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