At PEAKBWA, insects are the stars!

Chez PEAKBWA, les insectes jouent les vedettes!

Under the theme of insects, here is the new summer 2020 pattern, designed in collaboration with the company Öko Creations . I will tell you about the process behind our exclusive designs , but just before, here are a few lines that explain why insects are featured at PEAKBWA!

brigade pattern

Some dazzle us with their eccentric shapes and dazzling colors. Some scare us (a little), with their stinger, their bulging eyes or their sticky skin... But whether we like them or not, insects play an essential role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems and life on earth.

These small beings of the animal kingdom do indeed have a major ecological role. In addition to being an important part of the food chain – fish, amphibians, birds and mammals feed on them – insects wear many hats. Pollinating insects fertilize flowers by foraging and carrying pollen from one flower to another.

Additionally, their work is essential to the growth of fruits and vegetables! Insects living in the soil participate in their regeneration. As they move, they dig small tunnels which allow the soil to aerate and loosen, which encourages the growth of plant roots.

Decomposer insects are large drainers that feed on dead plants and animal carcasses. The decomposition of this organic matter helps nourish the soil and make it fertile.

What are your favorite insects? Here we like the firefly, the yellow ant and the admiral! ;)

Text by Claire Lacroix, Geographer
peakbwa logo drawing

Here's the creative process behind almost every design you'll find in our clothing and accessories collections.

designer peakbwa

photo Mylène Dupré


ideation / inspiration / brainstorming

It is fundamental for me to draw what resembles us and what speaks of our history. It is undoubtedly my background as a scenographer and props designer for the performing arts that pushes me to think about each detail presented on our fabrics. Our designs tell you about the importance of protecting our resources, our environment and our critters, because I firmly believe that we protect what we know. I like to believe that the children will make up a little story by looking at the item of clothing they receive!

For the “La Brigade” pattern, I wanted to highlight the importance of pollinators. The “ Frïma ” motif represents global warming, illustrated in a playful way!

It starts with an idea, a theme to explore. A search for inspiring images follows. Using images and colors, I put together a mood board . When the pattern is drawn collaboratively, these steps are done as a team!

Mood board

photo Mylène Dupré



As a graphic designer, I work almost exclusively with Illustrator software and my best friend: my graphics tablet!

I begin to draw several elements individually, with which I calmly compose a thematic fresco.

work in progress penguins

Step 3

first draft / the collaboration on his PEAK!

I send the first sketches to my partners at Öko Créations. What followed was a series of emails, file exchanges and objective comments to improve the composition.

I like the maxim that says that alone we go fast and together we go far. This is exactly how I perceive working with the girls from Öko Créations.

The creation and drawing stage takes on average 10 to 15 hours. Some designs can take up to 30 hours to draw!

founder peakbwa and oko creations

photo Marie-Ève ​​Nagant


the pattern on its thirty-one

I prepare a file for printing the fabric which I send to my printer. He then prints the design on our super soft recycled fabric.




The fabric is sent to our various local cutting and sewing workshops, and the items from our collections are assembled and then labeled by my employee of the month (retired mom!) with labels that I also designed (it's handy to be graphic designer!) and has it printed on recycled cardboard.

employee of the month



Each new pattern must be named. This is my favorite stop! I can finally present the pattern that I have been working on for several months. On the PEAKBWA Facebook page, I invite you to give your ideas in order to find the best name for the little one. The winner receives a prize.



launch of the collection

frima clothing collection


next pattern

This is how it works in the PEAKBWA shop!

See also the other patterns designed in collaboration with Öko Créations.

collaborative pattern


If you want to have a pattern that reflects your nature, we also offer the pattern drawing service for businesses. Our products are so good as gifts during the tourist season; promote your region with a design designed by PEAKBWA! Contact us to find out more.

Here is a custom project that we have just completed for the Santa Claus Village from Val-David.

custom order Santa Claus Village

Here is a pattern inspired by endangered species, designed for the company Encore & co.

personalized pattern encore&co

See also: an overview of my portfolio. Never up to date enough for my taste, but all the same, it gives an idea!

As the environment is close to my heart, I also present to you two brochures on erosion and biodiversity designed for the City of Lorraine. A little bedside reading!


Soil erosion

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