What are you missing, mom?

Qu'est-ce qu'il te manque maman?

The last year was colorful! With the arrival of my fourth child, managing Peakbwa and my graphic design contracts hasn't been easy.🤪 I don't know about you, but for my part, maternity leave has always been a priority. effect of great inner brainstorming on life, values, priorities and so on.

Whether through the blog Mom of BWA or through numerous meetings, through Peakbwa, my goal has always been to inspire and motivate families to play outside with their babies. With the pandemic and canceled commercial events, the need to move and socialize was felt more than ever in my home. So there was a little gap to fill. 🧐

So I decided to seek support to sort out my ideas. I also met a passionate guidance counselor with whom I had several hours of very enriching discussions. The result of this process was to register for training to become a group fitness trainer. I have worked very hard in the last few months and I have just obtained my certifications.✨

This week I also started giving my first outdoor training sessions with groups of mothers accompanied by their babies as well as groups of adults of all ages. Yippee!!! With this new string to my bow, I can now support parents towards an active outdoor lifestyle. It won't change the world, except that now I feel like I'm taking one more step for the well-being of families. That fills me with joy! 🥰

That said, don't worry, Peakbwa is still here. It will take an even more coherent direction adapted to the outdoors and humans!🌿

See you again on the field! :)

outdoor cardio

🔎 Did you know?

Outdoor Cardio offers cardio stroller classes in several regions! 🌲
The benefits are numerous: it breaks isolation, it allows us to move in the fresh air, we have fun with baby, and we interact with other mothers who are going through the same stages!

Every time I have a bad night, feel tired and have trouble getting out of the house, I go backwards, as they say! Once I return from my workout, I feel well recharged to face the day. “Energy brings energy” is my new motto! 💪🏼 I was surprised to see that, rain or shine, many people were there! It's not the rain that will force us to stay indoors because the need to socialize is so dire for some mothers who spend the day cooing with their babies.

I don't know what actions you take to take time for yourself, but if you're ever looking for an outing that will allow you to feel in the right place at the right time, this one is for you!

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