My summer tips for just having fun! BWA MOM

Mes trucs d’été pour s’amuser simplement! MAMAN des BWA

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The current context leads us to reconsider our activities this summer. Getting back to basics, rethinking our vacations to rediscover life simply in and around our backyard. So, to help you with your summer planning, I'm sharing with you ideas for activities tested and approved by my children. Attention! These ideas will save you time and money since they don't require much, other than a little creativity and a recycling bin!



Do you like to tinker? Build an insect hotel using old boards, branches, wooden pallets, etc. After a while, observe the life there! Wild bees, like other pollinators, lack sites to reproduce in urban environments. The hotel, also called an insect nest box, is an ally in the survival of beneficial insects. here are some pictures who can inspire you on the subject!

insect hotel

I also suggest a little bedside reading about biodiversity. This brochure that I designed for the City of Lorraine inspired me to create an insect hotel!



Going to the forest or a wooded area near the house for a “seek and find” is always a winner! You can simply make a list of several things to find on a sheet or print the one I designed for you!

Download our search and find nature here! (PDF 1.8MB)

seek and find nature

Take advantage of this moment in the woods to collect specimens with a view to making a DIY nature during rainy days, or build an insect hotel! My boy was having fun the other day with his friend; they prepared a park for the caterpillars with a wooden pallet, chalk and a little string. They also treated “sick” caterpillars by making remedies in small pots of yogurt taken from the recycling bin. They played for hours, it was magical! It's crazy the imagination they have when we say no to screens!



Always bring a shovel to make roads and tunnels in the sand. We take out the trucks and make a boat with a bottle found in recycling. Find a small portable shovel; it will be perfect for digging!



A very simple activity that does not require carrying around a lot of equipment. For example, use pieces of boards, a recycling bin and a rake to mark out a route, roll cars and build a tunnel. Create small garages with planks and concrete blocks lying behind the shed. What could be better than ending the day in front of a good fire, wrapped up in your hoodie favorite? Of course you know the s'mores, but any other fire recipe is also a hit with children! Have you already tried the camper's bread ?


photo: Marie-Ève ​​Nagant

rainy day


I'm not telling you anything: rainy days are made for watching movies, hanging out, craft , make muffins, play board games, color a Post card to send to grandma. Also consider building a cabin or setting up the tent for camping in the living room; it's perfect for reading time (and maybe even nap time!). After the rain, don't forget to put on your water boots and go walk in the puddles :)

Oh and then, we also have a list of 70 ideas for indoor activities for children ! ;)


drawing, coloring photo: Mylène Dupré

Other burst ideas :

- Build a mini shelter for chipmunks: children love creating small worlds and observing animals.

- Document a herbarium, a bird observation book, catch non-threatening insects using a net in order to take a closer look.

- Make a bird bath using a flower pot saucer and educate your mini to change the water regularly to prevent bacteria from developing or the water being too hot (allows birds to and small mammals to wash and drink, especially during heatwaves or droughts).

- Arrange objects on the ground in a space to pretend the floor is lava.

- Hide items in the house and then close the lights and blinds, bring a flashlight or headlamp and do some “prospecting”.

- Make simple routes with objects found in the yard.

- Collect leaves, small branches, stones and more during a walk to make imprints in modeling clay or clay.

- Arrange toys of all kinds on a large paper and trace the shadow of these objects at several times during the day.

    photo: Mylène Dupré

    Quite simply, there is always a way to have fun. It is often said that boredom is a springboard to creativity. Do you have other ideas? Share them with us; they could be found in a future publication!

    family summer playing in the water


    Good summer!


    Jacinthe Plamondon

    MOTHER of BWA & Founder PEAKBWA