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Summer is the place to be outside! I share with you some basic tips before letting the chicks out of the nest :)


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I hate applying the cream to the faces of children who are constantly moving with their hair getting in the way! Tip # 1: Children put on a Scooba which holds the hair at the back of the head. This way I can cream their faces easily! Our headband is also a good ally to protect the head from the sun while swimming.

Slice of life : I created the first Scooba for my daughter. She hates wearing a cap! It gave the Scooba , a very versatile trendy accessory.

scooba sun protection

THE  little KEPEAK caps are a MUST to protect your little ones! They are ideal for hiking , cycling , the beach , traveling and more, it protects against wind and mosquitoes, and covers the head, neck and neck to prevent sunburn.


I'm not a sunscreen expert, but this article from Born and Grow can enlighten you on the subject. It covers the amount to apply, the sun protection factor (SPF), sunburn and the useful life of sunscreens.

The Eco-Boutique  A World for Life offers a large selection of creams made from healthy and natural products. Great service and advice from naturopaths, in store and remotely!

hydration, watering can


Some tips for staying well hydrated

Here, we love hydration bags for kids CamelBak type, available among others at Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC). In addition to containing much more water than a bottle, this type of bag allows children to carry a snack, a raincoat, a S cooba and more. They are happy to carry their little bundle around and be able to bring back some finds!

children's hydration bag, family hiking

Always have a reusable bottle on hand: we challenge ourselves to have finished our bottle before dinner time. We can therefore monitor the water consumption of our coconuts and refill the bottle until the evening meal! Encourage them to take a big sip every 20 to 30 minutes in hot weather. Ask children to check the color of their urine: if dehydrated it will be darker and smellier.

I really like the bottles Kid Classic Sport They have an easily washable cap, they are very robust and durable, and they attach easily to a bag using a carabiner.

Slice of life : It must have been about five years that I have been carrying my stainless steel water bottle everywhere I go. She is not killable! When I leave the house for a short period of time, I don't want to lug around four containers! So I offer water to the children straight from the cap of my bottle. The kids call it cork water!

water, hydration, sustainable reusable bottle

A little of stats ! reduce, recycle, recover

According to an analysis by the Design Center at the University of the Royal Institute of Technology in Melbourne (Australia), reusable plastic bottles have 80% less impact on the environment compared to aluminum bottles or of stainless steel, the process of manufacturing metal bottles being particularly energy-intensive. That said, it all depends on what you use them for and how you recycle them!

During a day at day camp or on a long hike, bring two water bottles for the day. Freeze one the night before so the water stays fresh all day!

The campaign website I crave health is a great resource for promoting healthy hydration in children.

mosquito repellent

NO! Not the mosquitoes!

In June, who says BWA, says mosquitoes!

Without wanting to discourage you, there is no real miracle solution to repel them. Fortunately this period is short-lived. Wear pale colors and long sleeves... Don't forget the mosquito repellent and your Scooba!

arrow, mosquito bite

What to do with all these bites?

Children express a feeling of relief when cream or ointment is applied to their bites. Whatever the product, you just have to tell them that it is an “anti-sting” cream and it will soothe them ;) For a natural remedy, dilute in equal parts a few drops of aspic lavender essential oil and calendula oil. Lavender is a bug repellent!

To find out more on the subject, I strongly recommend This item of Ti-Mousse in the bush.


pharmacy, dandelion

An outdoor pharmacy to the rescue of little injuries !

It's fascinating to discover the many plant species that live in the forest and which have many little-known benefits! Do you know plantain? The leaf of this weed-like plant is very useful for relieving burns, bee stings and inflammation. We crumple it, squeeze out the juice and apply it to the sore spot.

Let's not forget our healthy habits and our “no trace” principles in the open air, such as leaving intact what we find in our path, reducing the impact of fires, respecting wildlife and properly managing waste!

Have fun this summer, with ease!

Share these little tips with your loved ones who, just like us, love playing BWA!

Jacinthe Plamondon, founder PEAKBWA

Jacinthe Plamondon

Mother of the Bwa & founder PEAKBWA

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