Summer in Lévis and the surrounding area: a simplified compass rose

L'été à Lévis et dans les environs : une rose des vents simplifiée

Who are we? A small family of four – two parents, two little ogres/adventurers – established in Lévis for 8 years.

The city of Lévis is full of activities and family destinations in nature, but when the desire to see something else takes us, we explore the surroundings; nothing is ever very far away for our adventure!



We really like to plan getaways whenever we want during the weekend. Far, not far, we make a plan between two sips of coffee and we prepare our excursion bag for the day. A good friend, founder of the company PEAKBWA, one day revealed to me one of her secrets for a successful outing with the little ones: as long as you feed them and keep them busy, they move forward!

We then provide snacks, a special bottle filled with “courage” (homemade lemonade, flavored water or fruit juice, depending on the degree of courage needed!), water and, finally, a list of music that fills us with enthusiasm. energy during the road!

When you get organized, no destination is too far!


Put some on.

family rondo

Our favorite places

EAST - Charlevoix

We love taking the road to  Charlevoix ! The excitement is always at its height when we arrive at the top of the bay and finally see this breathtaking view of the river.

We are festival faithful The Festive! for several years now, it has been the highlight of our summer! The streets are lively, the music is omnipresent, and there are activities for everyone, including the little ones.

We take advantage of our visit to Baie-Saint-Paul to discover the parks and water games near the river, or extend the journey to Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive to take the ferry to Isle-aux- Sew . Of course, we end the day with a nice reward: a good beer from the Charlevoix microbrewery at Saint-Pub for parents, and a gourmet poutine for brave little adventurers.


WEST – Leclercville

Follow the Chemin du Roy is one of our favorite activities. We admire the architecture of the period houses, we discover the charm of the villages which border the river and we decide whether the bell towers we pass are in fact castles or churches.

Our route always goes through restaurant-pub Le Sainte-Emmélie , in Leclercville. The terrace offers a beautiful view of the mouth of the Chêne River and the St. Lawrence River, and the adjacent grassy area allows us to play a game of horseshoes. We share a meal there, just to recharge our batteries for the way back.

When you go through the north shore instead, you visit L'Esprit de clocher , a microbrewery located in Neuville, and we stop by to greet the cows of At Mede’s (Ferme Langlois et Fils), a traditional family farm, which is full of fresh vegetables and gourmet homemade products, but, above all, to harvest the best corn in the region.


SOUTH – Appalachian Regional Park

One of our most recent discoveries is the Grande Coulée mountain . After taking the wrong path and having a picnic in the trunk of the car, we discovered a path in the middle of the forest, dotted with wooden bridges, which follows the river. Due to lack of time this time, we were unable to make it to the summit, but we will definitely return – it was magnificent!


NORTH – Quebec

One of our favorites on the north east shore Arbraska Chauveau , a treetop trail in the heart of Quebec City. Our eldest dared the adventure, while his youngest had fun in the nearby wooden park, and loved the experience!

Mom's heart was tested, but the instructors on site were professional and reassuring. A nice picnic on site ended this day full of emotions.


Discover while having fun

Obviously, taking the road to discover new activities or destinations sometimes has its share of pitfalls. Our patience is often tested! Our goal is simple: to have fun! From experience, although there can sometimes be a lot of reluctance (and whining!) on the part of the little ones, once there, it's bliss!

Happy exploring!

Author: Rebecca Cloutier

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