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Grow with me Baby Pants & Trousers

Our grow with me pants made of bamboo go perfectly with everything! An essential trouser basic for babies and children, girls and boys from 6 months to 5 years old. Discover our 7 styles designed with nature in mind.

These pants will keep your baby or kid comfortable whether they're sitting, walking or playing, plus they'll last a long time!

More stylish and traditional than harem pants, maxaloones or baby joggers, their neutral colors makes them perfect for almost all occasions.

The grow with me comes from the unrolling of the waistband and legs cuff. The waistband pattern is easily hidden under a shirt or sweater for a more traditional look.

They're not leggings or sweatpants but they're just as comfortable. The pant knee jeans patch give them a cool look but it'll also make sure their pants will last longer.

Our size 6 months to 3 years will fit your baby with enough seam room for its cloth diaper, but also infants and toddler age.
Our size 3 to 5 years will make sure it'll fit kiddo a few more years by unrolling its seam.

The fabric is made of bamboo and stretch bio cotton and the pattern waist band is poly-recycled.

Lasting longer means a happy mom, happy wallet, emptier landfill, and better for the environment. What's not to like?

They also fit perfectly with our t-shirts, tops and hoodies.

Designed, printed and manufactured locally in Canada.