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Our Xmas cards recipe: DIY

It's almost Christmas and at Peakbwa, we know how demanding it can be as a season (in terms of time, energy, and money!). We therefore offer you an ultra simple, easy and very inexpensive idea that your little cubs can do from A to Z. And, the result is magnificent!

We use what we have on hand, and our creativity!


Home made Xmas cardsHome made Xmas cards

What's needed :

  • Scissors and glue.
  • 1 sheet of white paper (to glue the strips).
  • Scraps of magazines, newspapers or old cookbooks.
  • 1 sheet of solid color card.
  • Optional: Extras (stickers, glitter, crayons, paint, whatever you have on hand.)
  • An envelope.
  • A stamp (if you want to send it by mail)

How to do the card :
1. We cut scraps of magazines, newspapers or old recipe books into strips
2. They are glued side by side on a white sheet to create stripes.
3. We trace a *shape on the back and cut it out (*a heart, a circle, a snowflake, star, fir tree, lark!)
4. We glue the shape on the sheet of cardstock that we folded in half to make our base card
5. We add fantasy (sparkles, tights, we draw on top: everything is allowed!)
6. We write a personalized note for the beloved person.
7. The time needed varies according to the age of the child. :P

preparation carte noel - step by step xmas card

All that left to do is to place a stamp on the envelope and you're done!


Who are your little elves going to send letters to this year?

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