How to prepare for a long hike with baby?

Comment se préparer pour une longue randonnée avec bébé?

Have you ever been told that with the arrival of your baby, many of your activities would be over? Naomie Veillette from ActivMom* tells us the opposite.

It's not that difficult to go on a long hike with your baby. Everything obviously depends on preparation, risk management, knowledge of the characteristics of the trail and the equipment!

I am Naomie Veillette, founder of ActivMom and mother of Malik, 19 months old. We are both passionate about hiking! Together, we have climbed just over 45 mountains, including several long hikes with sleeping in tents or shelters.

So I decided to create my page  Facebook and my profile  Instagram to inspire families, but also to equip them and guide them through their questions about whether they should pursue this passion!

People often ask me how I prepare to leave for two days and a night with my baby and all our equipment on my back! I start by laying out everything into categories (food, clothing, safety, etc.) and then going in chronological order. So I make up a story in my head: “We’re going to arrive; we will need that; then we'll have a snack; we'll take that; we will arrive at the shelter; We're going to light the fire..."

The must-haves for a hike with sleep in a refuge


Over time, I ended up knowing the essentials and above all being able to not bring TOO MUCH! (Which can be very damaging to your back, especially if you go alone like me!)   
  • Enough snacks and meals for the stay

  • Water recovery and filtration system so you don't carry five liters of water with you

  • Burner, propane and mini-kit for cooking

  • Sleeping bag (I use a warm baby sleeper!)

  • Spare base layer to change into when you arrive at the shelter if you were hot during the hike

  • Headlamp and auxiliary lighting

  • Emergency coverage

  • Hand warmers and foot warmers

  • First aid kit

  • Beanie And headband versatile PEAKBWA

  • Needed to start a fire

For my complete equipment list, click  here and download it for free!

duo tuque

Finally, know that there are places where you can park your car relatively close to the refuge or have access to luggage transport! Many possibilities are available to you: Ouareau Forest Regional Park, Montagne du Diable Regional Park, Mont-Saint-Joseph Regional Park, Mont Gosford, Massif du Sud Regional Park and much more!

If you are well equipped and prepared, the only thing you are missing is the little kick to get going! When you do it the first time, you quickly realize that it goes well!

If you want to follow Malik and I's adventures, get even more tips and tricks and maximum motivation, it's here!!

Looking forward to it!

Naomie Veillette

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*ActivMom organizes a large number of events, group outings in the mountains, and workshop-conferences on carrying and tools for going to the mountains with children.

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