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Drawstring bag Nomad

$39.95 $52.99

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Drawstring Bag Nomad

  • All ready for a stroll, our small bag pack is made to tag along for all your activities, from daycare to university! ☺
  • Designed in a minimalist fashion, this backpack can be worn by both parents and children. Use it as a diaper bag, daycare backpack, day camp pack sack, drawstring sport pack, beach or travel tag-along bag... It’ll follow you everywhere!
  • Wear it using the pack straps, or like a handbag, or shoulder strap-style.
  • Fill the front pocket with your water bottle or sunscreen.
  • Write your name on the tag, should you be distracted enough to forget your tag-along bag on the lakefront!
  • Made with natural fabric, devoid of metal or plastic trims.
  • Easy to use with its drawstrings made of natural cotton. Particularly useful for the “I-can-do-it-myself” child!☺
  • You like its natural patina? It’s made of waxed canvas, which gives it rigidity, durability and waterproofness.
  • Bag: 100% waxed canvas

    Strap: waterproof canvas

    Pocket and trim: 100% organic cotton (available designs: Nomade, Victorin, Bivouac, Chik-Chük), stretchy recycled polyfabric (available designs: Littoral, Brigade)

  • Do not machine wash. Do not immerse in water. Wash by hand with a damp cloth.

    Just like you would not wash a leather garment, you would not wash waxed canvas since it is a special use fabric that will last many years without being washed. It will lose its waterproofness if machine washed. You can revitalize the fabric of the bag by applying a special wax compound to give it back its finish, rigidity and waterproofness.

    Exclusive design by Peakbwa

    Drawstring bag Nomad

    $39.95 $52.99