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Un grand choix de cadeaux de naissances.

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FRIMÄ Sandwich Bag


Sandwich bag FRIMÄ

Replaces approximately 260 sandwich bags per year!

This sandwich wrapper allows the packaging of several formats of sandwiches: square bread, kaiser, panini, croissant, tortilla wraps, etc. Unwrap your sandwich and your envelope serves as a placemat! The sandwich wrap keeps your sandwich perfectly in place so that it does not fall apart during transport. Made with organic cotton coated with food grade polyurethane, the cover is easy to wash: run it under water or rub with a little dish soap, and let dry. After several uses, you can put it in the laundry and the dryer. A cotton label allows you to indicate your child's name on the bag with a permanent pencil.

  • Sold individually;
  • Format 37cm x 25.5cm (14.5 x 10 inches)
  • Composition: 100% certified organic cotton coated with food grade polyurethane;
  • Label: 100% cotton
  • Packaging: FSC certified paper;
  • Made in Quebec, Canada.

  • Design exclusive to Öko Créations, pattern designed by PEAKBWA

    FRIMÄ Sandwich Bag