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Our story

PEAKBWA takes off

PEAKBWA creates grow with me clothing and durable accessories for all families who love to move. The clothes are made in Quebec with recycled or natural textiles such as bamboo and organic cotton. The company also specializes in pattern design. Its drawings, which can be found on all of PEAKBWA's creations, are an illustration of the flora and fauna of our beautiful territory. The supreme aspiration? Encourage families to consume better in the fashion world to finally save time to play outside!


Handyman by nature, I have always fiddled with things and recycled materials (picking up old gallery poles to make lamps, for example). When I was 14, I added zippers to my old hats to make pencil cases. I like to see things differently, to push standards. My house is filled with mismatched crockery and chairs of all kinds. During my 10 years working in theatrical set and costume making, I learned to transform and repair used furniture, clothes and objects to revamp them, make them functional and thus extend their usefulness lifespan.



It was with this in mind that I started to rethink the way we use clothes and the products we mass purchase. Mother of three children born relatively "close", I quickly realized that these little beasts take a ton of clothes for each gender and each season. The best you can do in this situation is to pass them from the older ones to the younger ones… but it’s not that easy. The piles of clothes accumulate in the drawers, the wardrobes, the basement, the garage ... Even if we have accumulated tons of clothes, we often choose the first three or four at the top of the pile and the others pile up at the bottom of the drawer until they get too small. What chaos!


Grow with me clothing to the rescue! 

During my third maternity leave, in a particularly crowded space, I team up with a friend to start D’amour et de bave (Of Love and drool), the starting point of an grow with me children's clothing brand. We are then driven by the duty to find an alternative solution to clothing overconsumption. My experience as a graphic designer pushes me to draw my first patterns which will be printed on textiles. It gives me great pleasure! So we are launching a collection of hidden layers, hoodies and pants that are :

  1. worn two to three times longer than traditional clothing;

  2. unisex, for the most part, and therefore shared between siblings;

  3. designed with sustainable and ecological fabrics;

  4. made of fabrics with unique patterns designed by myself, which telling Canada's story;

  5. made in Quebec, Canada, to satisfy my need to contribute to a local economy!

When my partner returns to work as an employee, I decide to continue the adventure by bringing together the creation of patterns and the sale of grow with me clothing under the PEAKBWA banner. The original collection is complemented by the Scooba (versatile headband), the reversible beanie and the women's sweater. This business project allows me to rally my passions and ecological, and family values. It’s very satisfying to know that all PEAKBWA products help reduce clutter and are a great alternative to over-consuming clothes for toddlers. I want to encourage people to consume less, but better.



• Sustainable clothing

• Natural and comfortable textile fibers

• Clothing that grows with the child to reduce consumption

• Mostly unisex clothing to promote sharing

      • Love of the outdoor
      • Unique patterns showcasing our territory

        • Reduction of our ecological footprint.
        • Reuse, recycling.
        • Zero waste lifestyle at the heart of all our decisions.
        • Made in Québec, Canada.


          PEAKBWA against Fast Fashion

          The fashion industry is programmed to flood the market with inexpensive, low-quality clothing that is meant to be worn for a very short period of time. We buy then we throw away. This is called fast fashion. PEAKBWA refuses to follow this standard of consumption; its products are essentials in a child's wardrobe. The patterns change with the seasons, but the basics stay for a long time!

          I am very proud that PEAKBWA is one of the companies recognized as being green in Quebec! PEAKBWA is now a member of Pages Vertes and the Quebec Association Zéro Déchet, Lumino Santé and Öko Créations, distributor of PEAKBWA products in Canada.

          I guarantee that decluttering the superfluous makes room for what really matters. In addition, it feels great! Less is more! To learn more about my journey, I invite you to read my last article: A single parent off the beaten track and to follow PEAKBWA on Facebook and Instagram.