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Top 5 Prettiest Overlook In Quebec

ActivMom Sights

by Naomie Veillette

Who's Naomie? Young entrepreneur mother, my life mission is to inspire women to live their motherhood as they wish and to take the necessary actions to achieve their greatest dreams. 

Hungry for mountain hiking, I decided to pursue this passion despite the arrival of my son Malik, regardless of the season or the “what will people say”! We have climbed more than 56 mountains together since his birth, me well grounded, and him on my back or on my heart. Day hikes, nights in tents or shelters, alone or with friends, nothing stops us! 

Through my social networks, my workshops-conferences and the tools that I develop, I help and inform families so that they can go on an adventure with confidence and safety!


Who is Peakbwa? We're a young business making grown with me clothes in Canada for kids 0 a 12 ans. We love nature and our design reflect its beauty. 

Good hiking! :)




Best scenic overlooks of Quebec

Phew! When I was asked to write this article, I admit that I started to get hot. Having to choose and rank only five breathtaking views, I didn't think I could make it! After 56 mountains with my 23-month-old son, it's hard to pick just five...Hihi! I'm not sure I've made the right choices yet, but I'll give it a try!


1 - Mont Vallières-de-Saint-Réal (Gaspésie)

Clearly one of the views that impressed me the most! In total, it is possible to reach seven peaks on a round trip, all in the open. Walking on the 100% clear ridges is truly amazing. The first two kilometers of climbing to reach the first summit are really difficult on the cardio, but then it is rather "intermediate" to go from one summit to another. The fourth peak is the highest and, in my opinion, the most beautiful. Alone with Malik on my back, I decided to stop there and come back to the car. To discover, really! The Alltrails app tells me 8 km distance and 638 m elevation for the round trip to the 4th summit.


mont Vallières


2 - Mont de la Perdrix (Charlevoix, extension of the loop of Mont des Morios)

Sleeping in a tent on top of a mountain with THIS sunset… definitely an experience I will never forget! The view from this summit is MAGNIFICENT (even more than the summit of Mount Morios, in my opinion). You can of course see the Morios, but also mountain ranges in the distance. Absolutely amazing! Count about 6 km to get to this summit (12 km if you go there and back). The level is intermediate and advanced.





3 - Mont Gosford (Eastern Townships)

The unobstructed view at the top, the mountain ranges as far as the eye can see and the rocky arrival give an extraordinary charm to this mountain. I climbed it twice (including one with Malik) and fell in love each time! The SF6 out-and-back trail is 8.9 km and 574 m in elevation. Rated difficult, this is not a summit to be taken lightly. But well prepared, accompanied and equipped, by going there at our own pace, it can be done easily!


Mont Gosford



4 - Trail of the Round top, Mont Sutton (Eastern Townships)

This trail has become very popular in the last two years with social networks, especially to go to see the sunset. This is the third mountain that Malik has climbed with me, only a few weeks old! Passing by Spruce Lake, it is a moderate course of 7.1 km and 441 m of elevation gain. Several beautiful viewpoints at the top - well worth the trip!


round top



5 - "Cliffs Trail", Vallée Bras-du-Nord (Portneuf, Capitale-Nationale)

This park is one of my favorites, not too far from my house. It is filled with several trails of different levels. I really had a weakness for the Cliffs trail; there are several points of view and it represents a good physical challenge on the cardio. The waterfall that we see in the distance is simply splendid! To do again for me this year, for sure! You have to know that it is a round trip. You can therefore decide to turn back whenever you want, for example after reaching a few viewpoints. If you go to all the viewpoints, it takes 17 km round trip and an elevation gain of 400 m.


sentier des falaises

I am very satisfied with these choices despite the difficult task. I can't wait to go back to each of these places and discover even more! Are you looking forward to discovering Canada's outdoors this summer? Do not hesitate to share your favorite places with us, and we look forward to meeting you on the trail! 

And you, what are your favorite trail, overlook and place for a hike or just a walk with kids, either in the countryside or city? Send us an email and we'll soon share them! 

Naomie & Jacinthe


lunch time


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