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10 Tips to Enjoy Winter Outside With a Baby

maman des bois
Outdoors, there's a saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment! For sure at -40 degrees, it is more pleasant to play board games than freeze outside, but otherwise don't be intimidated by the cold! 

Playing outside do everyone a lot of good. What could be better for baby than a long nap in fresh air? Since I have four children who are often on the move, I have gathered some tips and favorites that will help you learn to love winter.


Here are my top ten tips to enjoy winter with baby

Know that humidity and wind are your worst enemies. What can you do to defeat them?

  • Stay hydrated and eat well before and during activity to keep the body warm and active.
  • Before going out, make sure your baby has a clean diaper and very dry clothes. Put on woolen stocks just before going out to prevent them from absorbing moisture.
  • Put a protective balm on the little cheeks of the whole family (beeswax and shea butter are winning ingredients). I use Matter Company, for its texture, its very practical format and its sweet smell of chamomile and cocoa.
  • matter company

  • Dress the whole family with the multilayer system. A fleece-type or a merino wool underlayer are good clothes to put on under the snowsuit.
  • Plan an extra coat for toddlers (0 to 2 years old) who have difficulty regulating their temperature. Our hoodies love winter.

  • For extra lining, add an adult's woolen sock over the snowsuit at baby's hands and feet. Pay attention to the rubber bands that tighten the wrists and ankles, that's often where cold can come though.
  • If the child seems to be hot, remove a layer of clothing, or take off the tuque and mittens for a few minutes.
  • Prevent frostbite by checking skin color and blood flow. We must remain attentive to baby's discomfort; he does not always manifest them, especially when he sleeps. If in doubt, check.


Lets talk insulation

Choose a sled or a trailer with a cockpit that insulates from the wind. Find more here for my sled "system"!


To further insulate the feet of children who are beginning to walk, cut an insole out of styrofoam packaging. The boot must be large enough to prevent it from squeezing the foot. A great thing from Ti-Mousse in Brousse!


The hot water bottle is a great thing to extend your outdoor activities in winter. Fill a large-mouthed water bottle with boiling water and place it between the baby's legs in his sled. This is an additional heat source to warm your hands as needed. Be careful to position it not directly on the skin to avoid burns.


Also discover Hot Pocs's reusable hand warmers! We can bring several in reserve and activate them at the appropriate time. They stay hot for about 30 minutes and 60 minutes for the XL format. Use the small format for baby's hands and feet and the XL format (which I love to place on the belly, between the coat and the blanket) to warm baby's body in his sled. A great alternative to disposable hand warmers.

Use a foam mattress or a piece of styrofoam under the buttocks and feet at the edge of the fire. Place a rectangle at the bottom of the baby sled to isolate it. Excellent weatherstripping. An old fur coat can also make an excellent insulation, a bit folkloric. 

Here are my best tips for enjoying our beautiful white season with the children. Go gradually and simply! A short sleigh ride, an obstacle course in the backyard or a simple little fort in the snow can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Little by little, you will gain confidence, adapt your equipment and lengthen your outings.


Your turn now, Go Play!



Here are several readings and references on this topic.

I recommend this training from Joanie St-Pierre, founder of Ti-Mousse dans Brousse, which I loved following. The art of enjoying winter with baby. 

Cardio Plein Air's Cardio-Traineau program gives you an excellent reason to get out of the house with your baby.  


Multilayer system: 

Going out in winter with baby:  



maman des bois